SiOOX PreWash 


SiOO:X Prewash is a wood-strengthening cleaning treatment for use with SiOO:X Wood Protection.  It is ideal for cleaning surfaces with heavy dirt and algae growth prior to application of the SiOO:X system.

SiOO:X Prewash opens greasy, hard or planed surfaces, which promotes penetration of SiOO:X Wood Protection.  

SiOO:X Prewash can also be used to clean previously SiOO:X treated timber if it is suffering from heavy accumulation of dirt or staining.

When cleaning previously SiOO:X treated timber with SiOO:X Prewash it is important to reapply SiOO:X Surface Protection to complete the SiOO:X treatment.

The SiOO:X Prewash is available in 1 litre tubs: