The SiOO:X EPDs 

An Environment Product Declaration (EPD )transparently reports objective, comparable and third party verified data about products' and services' environmental performances from a lifecycle perspective.

The foundation of any EPD is a life cycle assessment (LCA). The LCA evaluates a product's environmental performance over its entire life cycle. It takes into consideration the full value chain, from material extraction to manufactured product, its usage stage and end of life.

An EPD is a so-called type III environmental declaration that is compliant with the ISO 14025 standard. A type III environmental declaration is created and registered in the framework of a programme, such as the International EPD® System. EPDs registered in the International EPD System are publicly available and free to download through the EPD Library, accessible via this link.

The SiOO:X products are registered in the International EPD System and are publicly available They can also be accessed on our Folders and Downloads

The Global Warming Potential (GWP) impact of the SiOO:X material is low relative to other coating products.