SiOO:X Surface Protector - Step 2 

SiOO:X  Surface Protector is the second component - Step 2 - and consists of silicon in the shape of environmentally friendly and water based silane. The formula is designed to combine SiOO:X Wood Protector and SiOO:X Surface Protector, but SiOO:X Surface Protector can also be used as a separate product on mineral surfaces and wood as a water repellent.

The two products complement each other and interact. In doing so major synergy effects are created. SiOO:X Wood Protector opens up the wood for the  SiOO:X Surface Protector to penetrate more effectively. SiOO:X Surface Protector in turn fixes the SiOO:X Wood Protector in the wood chemically as well as physically. Thus it has a double function as an extra fixing agent and a water repellent. SiOO:X Surface Protector is also open for vapour diffusion (the wood can breathe) but creates an optimal environment for the two products in co-operation to effectively protect the wood.

SiOO:X Surface Protector Label