End Grain Sealer 

It is vital to treat all cut ends with an end grain sealer to prevent moisture ingress into treated timber members. All factory treated SiOO:X timber will be treated on the surface and on the edges. Any end cuts in cladding boards, deck boards and other trim need to be sealed at installation.

The prime reason for sealing wood end grain is because when exposed it absorbs moisture up to 250 times more rapidly than other wood surfaces. Unprotected end grain can lead to interior rot and discolouration adjacent to the cut end.

End-grain is particularly vulnerable to moisture, and early failure is often seen at joints and corners where the end- grain is exposed.

Timber’s natural movement means that joints tend to open up over time. When a gap opens, exposed and unprotected end-grain will absorb moisture much faster than the surrounding timber.The SiOO:X End Grain Sealer comprising Wood Protector and Surface Protector stages is easy to hand brush apply and brings the advantage of the proven penetrative SiOO:X long life silicon protection. It is entirely compatible with the SiOO:X Premium Wood Protection system. 

The application is one coat of the End Grain Sealer Wood Protector and one coat of the End Grain Sealer Surface Protector.

The SiOO:X End Grain Sealer is available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers.