Factory treatment

Timber pre-treated with SiOO:X can be puchased from our distributors who have industrial factory coating equipment. Alternatively, timber can be supplied to our specialist coating partners who are equipped with coating machines and can apply SiOO:X in controlled conditions. Our distributors and partners are aware of the need to achieve good penetration of the SiOO:X treatment into the timber and that sawn surfaces, or at the least 60 grit sanded surfaces, are essential. The treatment of all surfaces is strongly recommended. Applying SiOO:X treatment to planed smooth surfaces is not recommended.  

Whether you are a private customer with an individual project, a timber supplier or a contractor with a large project, your treatment needs can be met. Whilst hand treatment works well if applied to professional standards, the advantages of factory treatment are significant. When a large quantity of timber needs to be treated to tight deadlines and to meet conformance requirements, factory treatment comes into its own. Even more so when construction and assembly is taking place over the winter months and in difficult weather conditions. Our distributors and coating partners are able to process your timber with a factory application of SiOO:X Impregnation in compliance with Sioo application standards.

Factory application is carried out with equipment of varying sophistication, brush and spray coaters, some with production lines incorporating automatic feeders and stacking, drying and vacuum stages. Sioo Wood Protection AB work with some of the most sophisticated coating applicators in the UK and Ireland, all of them skilled in applying the treatment efficiently and effectively.

We have had considerable experience with the factory application of our products supplying to projects across Scandinavia, the UK and Ireland.