Where to buy the SiOO:X Products, SiOO:X treated timber and SiOO:X coating services 



Sioo are distributing their products through a number of high quality recognised supply partners in the timber industry - specialist timber companies and coating companies.

SiOO:X Impregnation is a two component system consisting of Premium Wood Protector and Premium Surface Protector prepared for factory application. The components are supplied in 10, 20 and 60 litre containers and 600 and 1000 litre IBC's. Smaller containers in 1, 3 and 5 litre sizes are available for hand application for maintenance and end grain sealing purposesSample 250 ml bottles are available.

 All of our suppliers can provide customer guidance and advice. Additional advice and technical support can be obtained directly from Sioo Wood Protection , whether this be for clients, architects and specifiers, contractors and specialist trades. Our Specification Partners can also provide in depth technical advice and support.


Our specification partners are:

England, Scotland and Wales

Russwood Limited 

Russwood are our Premier Specification and Supply Partner across the UK delivering directly to customers and to disributors and coaters. They provide in depth technical advice and support at project design and specification stages. Russwood also provide a factory vacuum coating resource to produce timber pre-treated with SiOO:X and supply the product in container form.  A programme of weather testing of the SiOO:X products is sustained in display areas accessible to specifiers and customers. All timber species are covered including Scottish larch.

Tel: 01540 673648  Fax: 01540 673661

E Mail: mail@russwood.co.uk

Efficacy testing in the most demanding climate ⬇︎



Ireland and Nothern Ireland ⬇︎

Machined Timber Specialists Ltd in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow

Machined Timber Specialists are our Main Diistributor and Specification Partner across the island of Ireland. From their factory in Kiltegan MTS provide comprehensively dried, high quality timber treated with SiOO:X on their universal coater. In-depth timber technology advice is provided at project design and specification stages with an emphasis on design detail and aftercare. The company have provided SiOO:X treatment on an impressive range of projects.  

Tel: +353 (0) 281 2106  

E Mail: info@woodcomponents.ie


Our distributors and coating partners are:


Russwood Ltd

Tel: 01540 673 648

E Mail: mail@russwood.co.uk




Mike England Timber Ltd

Tel: 01254 852 151

E Mail: sales@mikeenglandtimber.co.uk


James E Hatch & Son 

c/o Pasquill

Wigan Lane, Duxbury, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 4BU

Mob: 07770 695196

Tel: 01257 220448

E Mail: admin@jamesehatchandson.com


Timber Coaters Ltd in Wirrall

Tel: 0151 230 1025

E Mail: timbercoaters@aol.com


Brooks Bros in Danbury, Essex

Tel: 01245 221707

E Mail: danny.howell@brookstimber.co.uk



Special and Bespoke Projects

SiOO:X is specified for a wide range of projects in addition to cladding and decking surfaces. It has been used to treat a range of bespoke structures created from engineered timber such as glulam beams for bridges, towers and framed buildings. As timber is increasingly specified in building design, SiOO:X can complement the design objectives by giving a beautiful natural finish and enhancing environmental performance.

SiOO Wood Protection work with carefully selected specialist timber companies in distributor and supply partnerships, companies who have invested in technical and manufacturing capability with SiOO:X and, in the case of the supply of bespoke structures, in erection resources of highly skilled craftsmen capable of producing the most demanding of projects to high quality standards.


Inwood Developments Ltd

Inwood Developments are specialists in timber engineering in glulam beams, timber cladding in UK species such as sweet chestnut and in oak framed houses. The most stunning example of their work with SiOO:X is the ground breaking engineered glulam beam Auckland Tower structure at Bishop Auckland - see the Auckland Tower gallery images.


Tel:  01825 872 550

E Mail:  info@inwood.co.uk