SiOO:X Maintenance Wash

Cleaning is a vital part of sustaining treated timber in good order to keep it free from dirt, atmospheric fallout and  any surface algae formation. Check the surface regularly so you can care for it and maintain it as needed.

The SiOO:X Maintenance Wash is designed to complement the SiOO:X Wood Protection system which is alkaline based. The Maintenance Wash is a concentrated surfactant cleaning fluid which is diluted in water to a strength sufficient to perform the cleaning task in hand. It is brushed on to  the timber surface, left to soak in and then washed away after a period of time. The SiOO:X Maintenance Wash contains no toxic substances and is environmentally friendly.

Maintenance: Dirt and superficial growth of mildew and algae - clean with the SiOO:X Maintenance Wash. Use a stronger cleaner if necessary. Use a soft bristle brush.

Apply a coat of SiOO:X Premium Surface Protector after cleaning if you have had to brush heavily.

Major damage and exposed areas - treat first with the SiOO:X Premium Wood Protector.

Contents: 5-15% anionic and non-ionic surfactants.