SiOO:X Applications 

Around the world timber is one of the oldest, most traditional building materials. The material is beginning to take on new forms thanks to engineered wood products, and with high-rise buildings and even translucent properties, this diverse material is being taken to new heights.Today architects can design with wood in new ways.


The iconic Auckland Tower treated with SiOO:X, designed by  Niall McLaughlin Architects

Image courtesy of Niall McLaughlin Architects


SiOO:X Impregnation has an extensive range of application. It is used across all wood types – softwoods, hardwoods and engineered woods. It is specified by architects, end users, developers, constructors and contractors. SiOO:X is used in the public space and on commercial and private projects.

There are many examples of SiOO:X being used on the homes of leading architects around the world and we are proud to have this ultimate testimony. Throughout the website, where projects are illustrated, there are references and links to the specifying architect. 

Typical applications are cladding, enginered timber structures,decking, artwork and landscape structures. There is a major emphasis on cladding structures in the UK and Ireland.

Because of its environmental strengths and aesthetically pleasing natural appearance SiOO:X has been chosen by world leading architects particularly in highly sensitive and protected environments. In the most demanding and testing locations such as coastal locations SiOO:X has a proven record. 

Appearance and weathering

All too often the appearance of new timber clad buildings is ruined by uneven weathering (see Wood weathering). It is quite common to see buildings where the shaded areas are still unweathered whereas the exposed areas have already changed to the silvery-grey colour associated with exposed wood. Aesthetics is hugely important in the built environment and this patchy weathering puts people off from specifying timber as a cladding material. 

The SiOO:X products prevent uneven weathering and react with the wood to produce a pleasing even grey natural looking surface within a few months of application. This accelerated weathering takes place through a chemical reaction of the SiOO:X system within the top few millimetres of the wood surface and so it is a permanent change - see Sioo Wood Protection - a new wood modification for the UK