Sioo Swedish Gallery 

This gallery is devoted to illustrating projects from Sweden, the home of Sioo Wood Protection AB.

SiOO:X has been specified over many years by well known Swedish architects, such as the esteemed Gert Wingårdh, on projects across the country. The buildings are positioned in cities, towns and rural environments, many in demanding coastal locations and alongside forests and lakes. Some of these are in sensitive and protected environments.

Samples are shown below:


Summerhouse of the architect Leo Qvarsebo made from high quality Swedish fir ⬇︎ 


The Villa Moelven, architect Widejal Rackimade from Thermowood Fir ⬇︎

The Villa Moelven is a showpiece project of Moelven, the biggest wood manufacturing company of Norway (Design: Klas Holm, Architect: Widjedal Racki). The project is a homage to the raw material wood and was built in a traditional way of timber construction. It shows that there do not need to be compromises in design or comfort when building a green and energy-efficient house.


The Windisch house designed by architect Patrik Windisch ⬇︎




The House of Water (the Vattenhuset), at Angelholm by AWL Arkitekter in Stockholm⬇︎

Photography: Felix Gerlach

Timber species fir treated with Light- Grey pigmented SiOO:X


The Wachenfeld House designed by the architect Karl Wachenfeld, cladding in spruce, decking in fir: ⬇︎



Ålleberg school clad in SiOO:X treated spruce. Architect SWECO ⬇︎

The new main building serves as a link between the old and the new, and is key to the design. The main building has become a meeting place and serves as a hub for the entire school area, in addition to which it ties the various academic programmes together.

The building comprises two volumes: one tall hexagonal tower and another building wrapped around the tower that resembles a band-shaped necklace. The design of the school was inspired by the famous Ållebergskragen, a thick golden necklace from the Iron Age that was found on the site. 


Universeum Science Centre, Gothenburg - glulam columns and beams treated with SiOO:X. Architect, Wingardhs  ⬇︎ 



Lakeside spruce clad house ⬇︎


Health Centre, Hönö, Ockero island. Spruce cladding ⬇︎