Treatment by hand 

Preparation for Treatment

For new timber, the best penetration of the SiOO:X treatment is achieved on a sawn surface. At the very least the surface should be sanded with no finer than an 60 grit paper.

If necessary, for existing structures:

Clean the surface from oil, colour, dirt and grease.
1. Soak the surface with a cleaning agent. Allow a few minutes for it to penetrate the surface.
2. Clean with a rotating brush or a high pressure cleaner or a thick and soft brush.
3. If necessary use a sanding machine to clean the surface.

The SiOO:X Premium Wood Protector has high alkalinity. Protect glass, aluminium etc. Should it be necessary, wipe off spillage with a water wet rag. Do not let spillage onto glass or other components dry as it is difficult to remove. 


Application of SiOO:X treatment by hand


Finished surface immediately after treatment


Finished deck 6 weeks after treatment and exposure to moisture

Climate Conditions for Treatment

The treatment is to be applied under cover or in the open in dry conditions to avoid rain during treatment.
The treatment should not to be carried out at temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade or externally on very hot sunny days. It is important to get good penetration of the treatment and on hot sunny days it will be dried off the surface too quickly. 

Unless the timber can be treated and dried adequately inside, the best time to treat outside is in the spring and summer months. Outdoor treatment between October and April is not recommended.

Application of Treatment

1. Step 1 - SiOO:X Premium Wood Protector

When the surface is dry apply SiOO:X Premium Wood Protector twice with an interval of at least 2 hours. Put it on evenly and abundantly with a soft brush, roller or a sprayer. Brush it out till all liquid on the surface is gone. Stir it during treatment. After at least 4 hours the SiOO:X Premium Surface Protector treatment should be applied.

Should it rain heavily before the SiOO:X Premium Surface Protector is applied grey silica crystals are deposited. SiOO:X Premium Wood Protector withstands some showers of rain. 

2. Step 2 – SioOO:X Premium Surface Protector

When the SiOO:X Premium Wood Protector has dried for at least 4 hours, and preferably before it rains, the coating of SiOO:X Premium Surface Protector should be applied. Put it on evenly and abundantly with a soft brush, roller or a sprayer. Permit the fluid to be absorbed for a few minutes. Then continue until the wood is saturated.
The surface is ready to use after about an hour. After 10–14 months the components have fully hardened.