Cladding Gallery

We illustrate below a range of projects where SiOO:X treatment has been used. They are located in the UK and Ireland and are subject to varying climate conditions from northerly latitudes in Scotland to the milder south of England and Ireland. 

The illustrations have been provided by architects and customers directly and by our principal distributors and partners in the UK and Ireland, Russwood Timber and Machined Timber Specialists. Both companies have strong experience in factory treating with the SiOO:X products.  

A project completed in 2018 is the iconic Auckland Tower which you can view in the Beams and Bridges Gallery

The Auckland Tower and Welcome building is the most complete example of SiOO:X at work on a building composed of a multiplicity of wooden forms - large scale columns and beams, window frames, door structures, cladding and rain screens. The gallery pictures show how the SiOO:X treatment responds to different light, bringing the structure to life in a spectacular manner in sunlight and also how the natural grey colouring compliments the colours of the materials in the townscape. The following images show this lovely project.


Entering third winter in October 2019

Late autumn day light October 2019





Carbon neutral house in West Sussex ⬇︎ 

Architect: Studiofuse

Photographer: Daniel Rowland

In October 2021,Daniel and Nina Rowland, the Co-Founders of Studio Fuse were featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs show. It is viewed by many as the best episode in the twenty years history of the show. In this time of loss of biodiversity and concern to protect the planet, this inspirational project is carbon neutral and has increased biodiversity. It is an exemplar, coinciding with the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, of what can be achieved in the built environment. 

The couple purchased a dilapidated 1930’s house which had a 1.5 acre garden with a large and awkwardly placed stagnant pond. Daniel went about designing a new sustainable house that elegantly floated over a newly created natural swimming pond. The house is highly energy efficient; firstly calling on intelligent passive strategies and then renewables, the resulting house is now carbon neutral. Great ecological enhancements were also made by this project to improve the sites biodiversity. This was accomplished by a carefully considered landscaping scheme and the introduction of a natural swimming pond, all designed by Studio Fuse. The husband and wife team can now pull back their kitchen doors and dive straight into their natural swimming pond to swim with the frogs and newts. They can then sit back in their new kitchen that floats over the water, to watch the abundance of nature that the pool attracts. This project is a rare example of a truly beautifully symbiotic relationship between architecture, nature and the environment.

The main home is formed of two parts; a two storey component anchors into the ground with a flint plinth whilst its smaller single storey sister hovers over a newly constructed natural swimming pond. These two parts of the building are connected by a glass link which floats over water, this further detaches the single storey part of the building accentuating its uniquely intimate relationship with the site’s waterscape and nature.

In the middle of the house is a dramatic triple height space over the dining area with floating balconies on the First and Second Floors which take advantage of the views created by the double height glazing. This space also assists with solar gains and passive ventilation.

Other features of this approved application are a Pool Cabin/Sauna, Art Studio, Garage, Tennis Court, Outdoor Dining, Hot Tub and a Wildlife/Sculpture Trail.

One of the key features of this waterside retreat is the nearly 1,000 metres of Siberian larch decking and over 6,400 metres of Siberian larch external cladding all coated with SiOO:X Light Grey pigmented wood protection treatment that gives the timber a long life and natural surface, with even colouration. Interiors of the house such as corridor paneling and kitchen cabinets use the same treated larch. Daniel from Studio Fuse is delighted with the results.

“The timber cladding we used on this project, my family home, was not only a major personal investment but it also sets the aesthetic for both the external architecture and the interiors of the house. By using SiOO:X wood protection treatment it gives the timber a consistency that otherwise you couldn’t have achieved. Even the less exposed/protected areas of the cladding silver in the same way as those bits heavily exposed. This really compliments the contemporary yet natural aesthetic we were looking to achieve. We are delighted with the finish, we have comments on a weekly basis about how nice it looks. Using  SiOO:X wood protection treatment not only gives aesthetic value to the timber but it also protects the timber, prolonging its life. With timber prices increasing and sustainable criteria becoming ever more important, the lifespan of timber is incredibly important. By using SiOO:X it also gives us great reassurance knowing the cladding will last the test of time and will more likely stay stable which was important given some of the very exacting cladding details we have used.” and Instagram


www.studiofuse and Instagram



University of Edinburgh Arcadia Nursery ⬇︎

Architect: Atkins Ltd

Product: Russwood SILA off sawn boards factory coated with SiOO:X

As a part of its strategy for Easter Bush Campus, the University of Edinburgh required a new Early Years childcare facility. The provision of this facility would allow the University to attract and retain the highest quality researchers while supporting their childcare needs. The building design and finishes are in keeping not only with the project brief but the surrouding areas. Externally a hit and miss natural timber cladding factory treated with the ennvironment friendly SiOO:X wood protection system has been utilised along with full height curtain walling to the south elevations ensuring panoramic views are achieved from all playrooms.


Arran Distillery ⬇︎

Architect: Denham/Benn

Photographer: Richard Ian Campbell

Product: Russwood Scotlarch® RW014 factory coated in SiOO:X

The project was completed in June 2019 and has attracted various award nominations. It continues to attract interest from visitors from around the world and is fast becoming one of the best known buildings on the Isle of Arran.


Monachyle Beag, Loch Lomond ⬇︎

Architect: Linearchitecture

Photographer: Ross Campbell Photography

Product: Russwood Scotlarch® factory coated in SiOO:X



Private home, East Lothian, Scotlarch® factory treated cladding by Russwood, photographer: Nigel Rigden ⬇︎


Oaklands, Suffolk ⬇︎ 

Architect: Azure Architecture

Photographer 1: Alastair Howie Photography (May 2017)

Photographer 2: Ashley Gendek Photography (Sep 2018) 

Product: Russwood Architect Select® Western Red Cedar factory coated with SiOO:X


Private home, SILA A/B RW061 Vacuum coated cladding with Sioo:x by Russwood, Gerry Robb Architectural Design Services, photorapher: Nigel Rigden ⬇︎



Private house, Devon ⬇︎

Photographer: Alex Campbell Photography

Product: Russwood Siberian Larch SILA® factory coated in SiOO:X Mid Grey


Russwood Gable End, Newtonmore ⬇︎

Architect: Annie Kenyon Architects

Photographer: Danielle Bruce

Product: Russwood Siberian Larch SILA® factory coated in SiOO:X Mid Grey



Machined Timber Specialists Projects in Ireland

Machined Timber Specialists have supplied SiOO:X treated timber to a wide range of projects across Ireland. Working with some of the most innovative architectural practices with a strong design ethos, MTS have supplied SiOO:X aesthetically attractive protection solutions for buildings and structures in the private, public and charitable sectors. Some of these are shown below:


House in the Irish countryside designed by alw architects. with Siberian Larch cladding factory treated with SiOO:X by MTS Photography by Aisling McCoy.

Completed in June 2019 the building references Irish vernacular farmhouses in form. The ground floor is raised 450mm above ground level forming a protective base for the house. Above this, the volume of the house is clad in Siberian Larch boards and completed with a pitched corrugated galvanised metal roof.  The entrance is carved out of the primary form framing generous views to the landscape beyond. ⬇︎


New "one off" passive-designed cedar clad house outside Naas, County Kildare - treated with SiOO:X two years ago. Designed In the Irish vernacular rural form by HOUSE7 architects and factory treated with SiOO:X timber supplied by MTS ⬇︎


his project involved the building of a new modern rural passive designed house. The tapered hall connects the two building forms, which make up the house. The northeast facing form mainly consists of bedrooms while the southwest facing form includes the main living areas. The hall

Siberian larch clad house in the Dublin mountains after six months weathering. Band sawn surfaces factory treated with variable width vertical boards on open rain screen panels. Aughey O'Flaherty Architects

The project provides a new farm house and equestrian facilities on a site with superb views towards Dublin Bay, Howth and the Irish Sea. ⬇︎


House in urban setting in Bray, County Wicklow clad in Western Red Cedar, factory treated with SiOO:X. ⬇︎

Architect, Stephen Moore 



Siberian larch clad house on Clifden Bay, Connemara, County Galway ⬇︎

Architects - Tierney Haines    Photographer - Stephen Tierney


Blackrock, South Dublin paasive house by Tierney Haines with the striking feature of larch and Durawood timber cladding:







Private house in County Wicklow clad in western red cedar and factory treated with SiOO:X. Architect Kim Dreyer of Dreyer Architecture .Contractor Ken Joynt ⬇︎

One year later in August 2019



 SiOO:X treated Barretstown project in County Kildare, Ireland - Elizabeth's Tree House ⬇︎

McCauley Daye O'Connel Architects

The Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny officially opened a new Dining Hall at the Barretstown recreational camp for seriously ill children in County Kildare on Friday the 9th December 2016. Funding assistance was provided by the golfer, Rory McIlroy. The vision came from the international SeriousFun Childrens Network founded by the late Paul Newman. Barretstown reaches out to children with serious illness from all over Europe. 

Called 'Elizabeth's Tree' House, the Dining Hall is specifically designed to meet the needs of campers providing a combination of excitement and tranquility inside its modern tree house design. At the 'heart' of the camp, the Dining Hall is a hugely important space where all of the Barretstown campers, staff and volunteers meet three times a day for meals, dancing, fun and games. The camp had outgrown the old dining hall which was limiting the numbers that could be taken in. The new dining hall is 50% larger and has improved facilities giving far more space to campers.

Speaking at the event, Mr Kenny said: "The service Barretstown offers children with serious illness and their families is really important to help these children on the road to recovery".See Barretstown

Sioo are proud to be associated with this very special project through the provision of its environmentally friendly SiOO:X Wood Protection system and sponsorship of the maintenance of the treated external cladding. The project is clad with Siberian Larch supplied and factory finished in SiOO:X by our Irish distributor MTS - The Wood Component Company based in Kilcoole. 

The versatility of SiOO:X is illustrated by the ability to have paint finishes applied shown to dramatic effect in the images of the project below. A case study of this lovely and sensitive development at Barretstown will be produced later.



Siberian larch clad lakeside holiday lodges at Mullans Bay in Co. Fermanagh. The board surfaces are band sawn and were factory treated in April 2019 ⬇︎



Garden Studio at Enniskerry, County Wicklow ⬇︎


Clad in DuraWood, MTS's own brand thermowood, these pictures were taken during the final stage of construction. Five weeks after factory treatment with SiOO:X weathering was well advanced. 



Private House at Burrow Beach, Dublin. Photographs taken at dusk, courtesy of Marie-Louise Halpenny. ⬇︎


Designed by Plus Architecture, a Dublin-based architectural practice, the project is a re-furbishment and extension of a derelict late-Victorian villa to provide a modern family house with aspect over the dunes of Burrow Beach. The protected structure has been remodelled and extended to take advantage of the magnificent views out over Dublin Bay and Ireland's Eye. The form of the new-build element is inspired by the shifting landscape of sand dunes on the beach. The Siberian larch cladding, black metal detailing, bronze anodised aluminium windows and large format glazing contrast with the lime render and slate roof of the existing house.



Lafcadio Japanese Gardens in Waterford ⬇︎

Reception building at Lafcadio Japanese Gardens, Ireland. Western Red Cedar cladding with factory applied SiOO:X treament supplied by Machined Timber Specialists, Ireland. 

Lafcadio Japanese Gardens, Ireland - courtesy of Machined Timber Specialists, Ireland



Light-grey pigmented house at Carrackbrack, Dublin, Ireland ⬇︎


Other UK projects:


The Watson House Annexe timber frame project in the protected New Forest, Hampshire. Sweet Chestnut cladding (coppice grown from Sussex) treated with SiOO:X by InWood Developments. Architects Ström Architects . Photographer Richard Chivers ⬇︎ 


Carraw Lodge on Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland ⬇︎

Carraw Lodge is luxury farmhouse accommodation located in a remote position on Hadrian's Wall. The Western Red Cedar cladding was factory treated with original SiOO:X in 2015. The lower two images were taken in September 2018

Just after treatment in September 2015


September 2018


English cedar clad house on the banks of the River Parret on the Somerset Levels. Architects, Orme Architecture, Ovolo Architectural Design. Builders, Dave Lee Builders. ⬇︎



Cedar clad house at Ennerdale Bridge in the English Lake District ⬇︎

Cedar clad house at Ennerdale Bridge in the Lake District 


Siberian larch clad house and office extension in Reigate, Surrey ⬇︎


Cedar clad house in Bristol ⬇︎


Asda supermarket with SiOO:X treated ThermoWood cladding ⬇︎




Scottish larch clad house in Inverness-shire ⬇︎

Scottish larch clad house in Inverness-shire

Scottish larch clad house in Inverness-shire

Scottish larch clad house in Inverness-shire

Scottish larch clad house in Inverness-shire

Scottish larch clad house in Inverness-shire