SiOO:X products - the architect's choice 

Wood is a 100 percent renewable resource that grows naturally and can be harvested responsibly. It sequesters carbon efficiently and has low embodied energy.

Sioo are developers and suppliers of wood protection products using silicon technology. SiOO:X is an environmentally-friendly, water-based system to protect wood

Sioo Wood Protection AB are headquarted in Gothenburg. We have produced a significant breakthrough in wood protection technology which solves the traditional problems of caring for wood. SiOO:X natural ingredients centred around the mineral silicon combine to quickly protect many species of wood enhancing both appearance and performance.   

SiOO:X has been specified in Scandinavia by world leading architects and end users for over a decade because of its unique combination of advantages, particularly its sustainability and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Specified and used in the UK for many years by architects, constructors and end users, particularly for cladding applications, the strength of the SiOO:X products in giving long life protection against: uneven weathering and discolouration; the impact of algae, fungus, spore and surface rot; splintering of the timber surface; poor ultimate protection of people, animals and the environment; is being seen and sought after. SiOO:X treated timber is beautiful to look at and it gets brighter, not darker, with age. The unsightly patchy weathering of exterior wood cladding can be minimised.

In wet and humid maritime climates, such as apply in the United Kingdom and Ireland, there are particular challenges that need to be understood and good practices which need to be observed. See Product Information . Good design detailing, quality timber selection and supply, adequate surface preparation, professional treatment application and in-service maintenance are all vital to achieving a good finish and long life. 

The versatility of SiOO:X allows for factory finishing or onsite application, protecting new wood or rejuvenating damaged wood back to health. Factory finishing should always be the preferred choice for treatment to achieve best results and Sioo are placing their prime emphasis on this in the UK and Ireland.

Over the life cycle SiOO:X is a highly economical investment and gives lower cost than conventional treatments.