Films from Sioo:x 




The summerhouse Qvarsebo

This is a beautiful film about a summerhouse built by a a well known Swedish architect in 2009/10. It is an unusual design with a wooden roof. "Life is too short to live in boring houses". See how the dream to create a haven and a place of peace has been realised with the help of SiOO:X

Villa Moelven

Klas Holm had a dream to build a house 100% made of wood on the Stockholm archipeligo. He wanted to avoid painting the wood and to have it look a natural grey. Most treatments, or leaving the wood untreated, result in walls facing different directions ending up with totally different finishes. "Sioo's product has the advantage of greying evenly and quickly and then growing darker very slowly over time". Klas says that SiOO:X "made my wooden house dream come true".

Vann Spa Hotel

Opened in March 2009, this design-led spa hotel sits on Sweden's scenic Bohusian coast. The Vann Spa is set in a nature reserve overlooking Gullmar Fjord. It was created under the architectural direction of Gert Wingardh the renowned Swedish architect. Listen to Susan Ahlred, the Hotel Manager at Vann: "The idea is to be close to nature. Nature surrounds us with water and forest". Sioo:x was used throughout the spa. Susan says "guests first notice the outside". The SiOO:X finish fits with the nature and meets the high environmental demands of the sensitive conservation area. 

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