SiOO:X Premium Pigmented Wood Protection 



Sioo also provides pigmented wood solutions. The colours you can choose from are light grey and middle grey. The treatment instructions are the same as for the standard SiOO:X product. They are called SiOO:X Premium Light-grey Wood Protector and SiOO:X Premium Mid-grey Wood Protector. The SIOO:X Premium Surface Protector is also pigmented and is applied as Step 2.

Some customers wish to see the SiOO:X: grey colour from the point of application and the pigmented products meet this need. All of the attributes and performance of the standard impregnation system are delivered and the same curing process operates giving long life protection. 

The images below are examples of light-grey and mid-grey applied to cladding. More can be seen on the Applications Cladding and Applications Beams & Bridges galleries


Light-grey applied to fir cladding


Mi-grey applied to Siberian Larch cladding


European larch glulam tower structure and rain screen cladding treated with SiOO:X Light-Grey pigment